Landlord Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ochs Realty?

We are the sponsor of the the most comprehensive rental website serving tenants, landlords, local property management companies, and real estate leasing agents. Through the exclusive tenant VIP Program, tenants are able to search all current rentals available, in all areas and at all price ranges.  These are offered by private party landlords, local property management companies, and local realtors, through the multiple listing service (MLS).


What is the cost of the Landlord VIP Program and who are the sponsors?

Ochs Realty offer free landlord VIP programs, to private party landlords, who are serious about finding excellent tenants, already prescreened by the team of leasing agents at Ochs Realty. Ochs Realty have been servicing the needs of local tenants, buyers, sellers and landlords for over 35 years.


Why is there a need for a website like Ochs Realty?

Throughout the year, at any given time, there are hundreds of rentals being advertised throughout the local communities. Most are available through MLS realtors and are listed with real estate agents, but a huge number are also offered by private party landlords, and many are offered by property management companies. Our Tenant and Landlord VIP programs, free of charge, place private party landlords and VIP tenants, in touch with all these potential rentals at one time, through our team of professional and licensed leasing agents.

How are VIP tenants screened by the staff at Ochs Realty?

There is a 3-step screening process for all tenants, which includes an initial tenant request form, full rental applications, and credit checks from all three major bureaus, with credit scores. Tenants who have credit challenges, also provide our staff with comprehensive letters of explanation, and many times provide local co-signers or guarantors (family members only).

What is the Rentals by Ochs Realty Rentals by Owner?

These are a compilation of the best rentals available in the local area, and it is updated on a daily basis. It includes all rentals offered by owners, by Ochs Management company, and Ochs Realty, along with the best of the agent MLS rentals. Your leasing agent at Ochs Management is fully familiar with these featured rentals. 

What are the normal lease terms, deposits, and pet restrictions?

Each rental and landlord/management company and real estate company is different; however, there are some basic standards. Most leases are for one year then revert to month to month leases. The majority of landlords accept pets with an additional security deposit ($200-500 per pet). Security deposits are generally one and a half times the monthly rental amount for tenants with excellent credit and no pets.  Two months security deposit is the maximum allowed in the State of California for an unfurnished rental.

Do you offer discounted full service leasing programs and what is the cost?

On our website, in the landlord section, there is a complete chart of various landlord programs offered, all at substantial discounts. We offer many programs including full service from 3%-5%. 

Does Ochs Realty  help me with lease options, owner financing, and full service sales situations?

Yes, Steve Ochs, Owner and Broker of Ochs Realty, has over 35 years of local experience, and is available to discuss these discounted, full service opportunities.  

What if I find my own tenant and want Ochs Realty to handle the tenant screening, verifications, credit check, lease writing, and move-in inspections?

Ochs Realty, for a fee for just three percent, will handle the above items, for landlords who choose this limited option leasing service.

Is there property management available through your website?

Yes, please visit for more!

Do you offer flexible sales commissions?

Yes, we offer sale listings from 1% commission to list your house.