Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ochs Realty?

We are a full service leasing, property management, and real estate sales company. Through the exclusive tenant VIP Program, tenants are able to search all current rentals for lease available, in all areas, and at all price ranges. There are over 150 rentals available, at all times, for our tenants to choose from. Rentals are available throughout the Conejo Valley, Simi Valley, Moorpark, San Fernando Valley. Additionally, we cover the South Bay area, which includes: El Segundo, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Palos Verdes.


What is the cost of the Tenant VIP Program and who are the sponsors?

This rental service, sponsored by Ochs Realty Company, is absolutely FREE to prospective tenants, who are serious about finding a great rental. Ochs Realty and its affiliate company, Ochs Management, have been in the Conejo Valley, San Fernando Valley, South Bay Area, Ventura County, and the surrounding area, for over 35 years. We have helped over 2000 families find their new rental homes.


Why should I fill out the Tenant Request Form, Rental Application Form, and Credit Check Form before viewing properties?

The rental market in our geographic region is very competitive, and consists of more tenants searching, than rentals available, for the best properties. Tenants working with the experienced team of Ochs Realty leasing agents, get the best opportunity for the most desirable rentals.


What is the tenant screening process and is there a cost?

Serious and motivated tenants are screened via a 3 step process (tenant request form, rental application, and credit reports from all 3 major bureaus with credit scores included). The one time fee of $35 per adult applicant enables tenants to have all three of these items on file, and immediately available to them, in order to make offers on the best rentals. Tenants will receive a copy of their credit report, that can be used for any rental property they are interested in.


How do I sign up for the free Tenant VIP Program?

Fill out our “Tenant Request Form.” Your own leasing professional from Ochs Realty will be in contact with you to arrange showings of the best rentals.


What are the featured rental selections on our website?

These are a compilation of currently active and upcoming rentals in our local areas. The list is updated frequently, and includes all rental properties offered by Ochs Realty. Also included, are the best of the agent MLS and private party rentals. Your leasing agent at Ochs Realty is totally familiar with these featured rentals, and makes sure that as a VIP tenant, you get first previews of these homes as they come onto the market. You can also ask about any other specific Ochs Management, Ochs Realty and MLS rental properties that are upcoming in the next 1 to 3 months.