Tenant Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to search for rental properties?

There is no charge to you to search properties! Just go to our website, and begin searching

How do I get additional information about the properties I like?

Please complete a Tenant Request Form so that we can help you immediately!


What if my credit is not perfect?

Sometimes credit history does not tell the whole story about an individual. We take into account many factors and have an open mind in evaluating your proof and explanation of the circumstances of your credit standing. Credit clean up is available, courtesy of one of our lenders.


Still have questions?

Email: steve@ochsrealty.com



Services Offered by Ochs Realty for Tenant Relocation:




  • Provide information on requested individual schools and specific school districts.

  • Arrange for personal tours.




  • Arrange for visits to clubs, associations, organizations, or other groups that a client has interest in.



Community Tour:

  • Shopping Areas

  • Banks

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Places of Worship

  • Recreation / Leisure Activities

  • Health and Fitness Clubs



Additional Information:

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Public Transportation

  • Mailing / Postal system

  • Insurance Agencies

  • Childcare

  • Educational Systems

  • Driving Directions / Shortcuts

  • Maintenance Numbers

  • County / City Specific Information




Additional Services Offered:

  • Area tours

  • Area information packets

  • Home finding/ Home purchasing information & assistance

  • Home rental solutions

  • Mortgage services

  • Temporary housing

  • Credit repair assistance




Relocation Client Rental Program

Upon being assigned a relocation client, all potential clients are placed in an easy to use and complete program for finding a home matching their family’s personal needs.


Step 1: A senior member of Ochs Realty real estate team makes initial phone contact with client to establish a working relationship. They also obtain information about the client’s individual and/or family needs with respect to finding the right home, community, and living experience.


Step 2: Client completes the personalized relocation Tenant Request Form online so that we can begin locating the perfect home.


Step 3: We review the information and the Ochs Realty team comes up with a plan of action, detailing all the steps involved in finding just the right property.


Step 4: On the first day, our staff meets with the relocating client to provide an initial overview of the local community including visiting public/private schools, places of worship.